Thursday, January 30, 2003

Comment: More strange phrases... I'm sorry but I couldn't resist making comments this time, and don't worry, I have no idea and no way of finding out who typed these in.

Stories I'm reading: A mixed bag of stories from CYOC

The Brothers Stults--Real-life brothers Geoff and George play their reel-life counterparts as--get this--a fireman and a cop in the family-friendly drama 7th Heaven. They're just begging to have a mc celeb story written about them. Could put a whole new to spin to "Simon Says". Any takers?

Yeeeeooowwwtch!!!--"Are the testicles a legitimate target for self-defence?" Sweet mother of Jesus... :O

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

New stories: Controlling Devon by chester and Moving Day by magister.

Stories I'm reading:

Parliament of Whores: A Lone Humorist Attempts to Explain the Entire U.S. Government--Funny, bitchy, and downright wickedly witty, this book by P.J. O'Rourke talks about stuff over a decade ago but it's more relevant today than it's ever been--and that's a scary thought. And what's worse, I sometimes couldn't distinguish his hyperbole from his irony. The truth is stranger--and more frightening--than fiction. Furthermore, every time George Bush got mentioned I kept thinking about Dubya. (Talk about like father, like son.) And the hoopla over Iraq and Afghanistan? It's deja vu all over again.

"We'll waste as much gas as we want, thank you very much!" Salon

Monday, January 27, 2003

Stories I'm reading:

William Gregory Lee--Played Virgil, the son of Joxer and the hottest-lookin' poet around, in Xena: Warrior Princess and Zack in Dark Angel (if only all genetically-engineered humans looked this good). Currently stars in David DeCoteau's The Brotherhood III: The Young Demons.

Flash: The Return of Barry Allen--Well, they actually did it, they brought back Barry Allen (the first DC "saint") back from the dead--and did they ever! Phew! I won't spoil the story (which first came out April 1993) here but if you ever were a fan of the Silver Age Flash (and/or if you mourned his death in Crisis #8), you've got to get this TPB. B)

"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry..."

What cheek!--I hate them.

Saturday, January 25, 2003

New stories: Fathers Day by zulator and Nerd Revenge by fucil99.

Stories I'm reading: Mark Apoapsis wants to write... and he does.

What About Joan?--Probably my most favorite episode of E! True Hollywood stories ever. Joan Rivers is such a bitch.

No sweat, man--Under Armour could be the start of a whole new fetish, if it isn't already. Those models are built! Time

Friday, January 24, 2003

Stories I'm reading: Featuring floridaguy 2001

Ziggy!--(No, it's not the cartoon strip.) I watched this young stud in MVP: Most Valuable Primate (don't ask... it was a lonely night) and I immediately checked him out on IMDB... and boy, did I check him out. Wowza! Best of all, he turned 18 last September and now we can droll over Kevin Zeger's buffed bod all we want without feeling guilty.

"Even Superman isn't safe in the public domain!" Salon

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

New stories: Wanted by chester and My Sister's Beau by magister.

Stories I'm reading: Some of the pics that Jon Himus bases his stories on are pretty hot.

Road outrage--"How corporate greed and political corruption paved the way for the SUV explosion."

Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Stories I'm reading: Rusty! Rusty! Rusty!

Robert Gant--First saw him in the Friends episode, The One With Ross' Thing (wish I was Phoebe at that moment when he turned around without his shirt... :O), and will get to see him in the second season of Queer as Folk when I get the DVD.

Supreme Court Endorses Copyright Theft; After the copyright smackdown: What next?; Microsoft unveils new CD copy protection ; RIAA: ISPs should pay for music swapping; and Pentagon Plans a Computer System That Would Peek at Personal Data of Americans (NYT)

Friday, January 17, 2003

Whew! That was one hell of a week, eh? Don't think I'm going to be able to do daily updates anytime soon, but then again, the site's sixth month anniversary is cause for celebration. :D As part of today's update, I'm introducing a feature that provides links to my Man of the Moment--those actors and sports celebrities who caught my eye (or twitched my dick) one way or the other.

So, what else can you expect from my site in the weeks to come? Why, more stories, morphs and links of course! I'd like to think I've been able to remain responsive to the growing demands of the site but I'd really love it if you could help me out further by answering the poll on the right-hand column. Please use it to send me comments and especially suggestions on how to improve the site. Thanks and see you in a couple of days!

New stories: Read Hypnos: The Sleeper Awakens (mm hypno). It's a bit long and is by no means complete. That's because unlike my other stuff, there's an over-all plot that I'm still finalizing. Also, I've been aiming for a balance between story and sex and at this point it has more exposition than sex positions. :) For those who may be wondering, there is (more of was) really an action figure called Hypnos (which doesn't look anywhere close to how I describe it here) and it's from this little piece of my childhood that I draw inspiration for this tale.

Here's what's available today too:

Stories I'm reading: Authoritarian antics

Jamie Ellman--Student Bodies alum Cody realizes his American Dreams

Football: America's Favorite Homoerotic Sport Salon

Thursday, January 16, 2003

Comment: Normally you guys would type something like "gay hypnosis stories", "muscle growth stories" and "muscle morphs" in the different search engines to get to my site but here's a sampling of some bizarre and unusual word combinations that I came across while going through my search logs.

  • i enjoy the feeling of a dick down my throat
  • gay football jock brother incest
  • until his balls chin shoved cock
  • hypnotized spunk machine
  • sailors in speedos

Stories I'm reading: Family fun YahooGroups

Run, run, as fast as you can--You can't catch him, he's The Skywayman. Still can't believe Catch Me If You Can was based on a true story. sums up my feelings exactly:

The best thing about Catch Me If You Can (aside from the nifty retro opening title sequence) is that you can't tell that Steven Spielberg directed it or that Tom Hanks & Leonardo DiCaprio are acting in it. No heavy-handed Spielberg Tom Hanks vehicle Leo heart throb crap. Just a fun movie.

ErosBlog: The Sex Blog--"Sex Blogging. Gratuitous Nudity. Kinky Sex. Sexual Weirdness. Sundry Sensuality."

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Stories I'm reading: MC mania

Run Lola Run and The Princess and the Warrior--It was the fast and the furious versus the slow but steady and in both instances director Tom Tykwer and singer/actress Franka Potente deliver the goods (not to mention the men with Moritz Bleibtreu as Lola's manic Manni and Benno Furmann as Warrior's brooding Bodo ;)). And to think I wouldn't have gotten to watch (and own) these films were it not for Amazon's amazing system of recommending products. (Note: None of my links to Amazon have been affiliate links.) I'm definitely looking into their next collaborative project.

But in the end, isn't it always the same question and always the same answer? A football is round, a game lasts 90 minutes. That's for sure. Anything else is merely hypothetical. Off we go!

Daze Reader--"All about sex, culture, technology, art, politics, gossip, ideas, drugs & rock & roll ... but mostly sex"

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Stories I'm reading: Sci-fi madness

Pi and Cube--These films prove that you don't need to have Matrix-style effects and Star Wars-level budgets to make good science fiction movies. Sure, I'll watch the next big blockbuster like the next guy but it's easy to miss these small quiet flicks in all the marketing noise. If you know of other sci-fi movies worth watching, I'd love to know about 'em.

The Light of Other Days--I liked how authors Arthur C. Clarke and Stephen Baxter progressively explored the concept of wormholes from being a glorified webcam ("worm cam") to a window through time and space.

Free speech and the Internet: A fish story--"A legal dispute between online aquatic plant enthusiasts and a pet supply store illustrates the perils of casual opining on the Web." :O

Monday, January 13, 2003

Stories I'm reading: Muscle growth mayhem

DC Comics plans for 2003--I better start saving up for... (BIG download, lots of pics and CONTAINS SPOILERS!)

  • At Death's Door--Jill Thompson draws The Endless manga-style
  • The Sandman: Endless Nights--Neil Gaiman pens a collection of 7 stories, one for each of The Endless. Cover by Dave McKean.
  • New Frontier--Just because Darwyn Cooke did such a great job on Batman: Ego
  • Trinity by Matt Wagner
  • Batman: Illustrated by Neal Adams
  • Batman: Child of Dreams by Kia Asamiya
  • Sgt. Rock by industry legend Joe Kubert
  • Formerly Known as the Justice League--One word: Bwahahahaha!
  • Superman: Secret Identity--A non-continuity story written by Kurt Busiek done ala Smallville
  • The Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day--While I don't mind the demise of yet another Titans title (which is such as shame after all the effort that went into revitalizing it), the thought of Peter David not writing Young Justice anymore is... is... damn it. :( Well, I hope they make the most out of it, especially since they're killing off a founding member of the Titans. (Any guesses?) The fallout from this three-issue mini-series is the relaunch of two new titles: Teen Titans by Geoff Johns (Bad news for JSA fans?) and The Outsiders by Judd Winick (The last one got eradicated and rather quickly if I may add). The upcoming Green Arrow scribe says that his new series will "be the Best God damned team book you've seen in long time."

Other books I'm getting--JSA: All Stars; Superman/Batman; Superman: Birthright; League of Extraorindary Gentlemen Vol 2; Fables; Green Arrow and Green Lantern crossover; Thunder Cats/Battle of the Planets and many more!

Please join the Male Age Progression YahooGroup and do make sure your age is listed in your profile.

Saturday, January 11, 2003

New chapter: Bretmon and the boys (AP/AR) which continues from this. Lots of things happening... have fun! ;)

New stories: Tit for Tat by zulator and The Wishing Well by fucil99.

Stories I'm reading: My only problem with these body swap stories is that the authors have chosen to remain anonymous. Would have wanted to send them a note urging them to write more. Anyway, I hope they're reading this.

Updated 3 Feb 2003: Adaptation--I have to admit this movie was a tad over my head. Then again, it was done by the same guys who made the brainjogging Being John Malkovich so I won't beat myself up that badly for being such a dunce. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed for what I could glean from Charlie Kaufman's script at the time: its self-referential nature, the double entendres and excellent characterizations. Nicolas Cage's acting was superb playing the twin brothers Kaufman, Charlie and Donald. Damn it if there weren't really two of him on that screen. Gives us a perfectly good reason to really ban cloning. :D Also, visit regarding: Adaptation, "the weblog by a man about a film about a man writing a film about a book about a woman writing about a man, updated frequently and as completely obsessive as it sounds. Got it?"

The Fourth Rail's Best of 2002: Part One and Part Two

Banished--Words and phrases BANISHED from the Queen's English for Mis-,Mal-or Over-Use, as well as General Uselessness

Thursday, January 09, 2003

New chapter: They continue to grow... (AP) Not much happening... yet. Stay tuned.

Stories I'm reading: Growth and shrinking stories c/o Colossal Giants YahooGroup

The Rules of Attraction--I wanted to like this film, I really did. Not to say I hated it (I didn't), but it had so much going for it like James Van Der Beek shedding his whiny, wishy-washy Dawson's Creek image (heck, he even kissed a guy here!) and Roger Avary's usage of some rather unique "citamenic sueqinhcet" that enhanced the storytelling. I guess I was expecting more...

Augie De Blieck Jr.'s Top 10 Comics for 2002: Part 1 and Part 2

Teen cleared in landmark DVD case

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

New stories: Summer and Winter by chester and Greaser Boy by magister.

Stories I'm reading:

A Whole Lot of Bull(ock)--With movies like While You Were Sleeping, Miss Congeniality and now Two Weeks Notice, Sandra Bullock is the go-to girl for safe, re-watchable romantic comedies (although I did like her in Murder by Numbers too). Hugh Grant and Bullock have an interesting on-screen chemistry: it ain't too hot, it ain't too cold either, it was the little bear's porridge--just right. Also, scriptwriter and director Marc Lawrence delivers some of the funnier lines and comebacks I've heard in a while.

Hercules' Top 20 Shows for 2002

Monday, January 06, 2003

Stories I'm reading:

Erotic Gay Hypnosis Annual Story Contest 2002/2003--Vote for your favorite story today!

Joe Millionaire or Joe Dirt?--Boy, I can't wait to see to faces on those gold-digging bitches when they find out Evan Marriott isn't the dream man they hoped him to be. The 28-year-old construction worker-slash-model is kinda cute but as blue collar workers go, I think I got a bigger erection (pun intended :P) from the first time I watched Lucky Vanous in that Diet Coke "11:30" commercial.

Saturday, January 04, 2003

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Stories I'm reading:

Nemesis--Yawn. As much as I really wanted to like this film (being a Trek fan and all), I couldn't help but feel how contrived the plot was especially in building up towards the "big surprise" (which it wasn't). Though it was played as a send-off to the cast and crew of The Next Generation, I think I cheered the most when a certain voyaging admiral made a cameo appearance. IMO with this film, Stale Drek has clearly and ironically become its own worst enemy. The franchise is begging for shake-up if not a shakedown. (And what was the deal cutting Weasley... whoops... Wesley Crusher out of the flick? Heck, they didn't even invite him to the premiere--those lousy bums.)

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

New morphs: A couple of months back I posted a "shameless plug" in a few YahooGroups wherein I asked for "before" pics from the members. Considering how little feedback I sometimes get, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a couple of shots and a request from the sender if I could morph him, which I did... for the sheer pleasure of it. Thanks DJ for sending me those pics and letting me post your morphs online! :) (The next one could be you!)

New stories: Mr. Perfect by chester and And When He Was Bad... by magister.

Stories I'm reading: Age-regression tales to usher in the New Year

Ultimate Spider-Man--Even though I'm a certified (certifiable?) DC drone, I've been a closeted Marvel zombie ever since the House of Ideas launched their Ultimate line of titles and being a long-time Spider-fan, I decided to pick up the series but only as trade paperbacks which turned out to be a great decision. Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley have quite literally redefined the Wall-Crawler for the new millennium with their highly-engaging stories and artwork. It's been blast how they've been inspired by rather than be tied down by four decades worth of stories and my favorite scenes aren't the big battles between Spidey and his ever-growing rogues gallery but the quiet moments that he's shared with his friends and family. If you enjoyed the movie, you'll love this book. At the least it will give you something to occupy you with until the sequel swings in. So until Richard Simmons replaces Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men, make mine Marvel!

  1. Power and Responsibility
  2. Learning Curve
  3. Double Trouble
  4. Legacy
  5. Public Scrutiny (Available March 2003)

Graphic Novels Speak Louder Than Words by Nick Hornby NYT