Thursday, June 05, 2003

New stories: Master Hypnotist by chester and It Begins by magister.

Stories I'm reading: Muscles in speedos

Abuse and neglect--"Domestic violence occurs as often among gay couples as among hetereosexuals, according to a new study, but victims of same-sex battering do not have equal protection under the law." Salon

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

New stories: Impromptu Threesome: A Welcome Relief by copsucker_99 and A New Playbook 6 by sunfiregod.

Stories I'm reading:

McDonalds Sue Critic for £15million--First they settle with some vegehead groups for not cooking their fries in vegetable oil as they advertised (it's their own damned fault for lying), and then they're suing a critic for expressing his opinion that their fries were "obscene and tasting of paper." Well, they wouldn't have this problem if they just jumped off the veggie bandwagon and went back to using good ol' fashioned LARD. Why do the rest of us carnivores have to suffer? >:( [c/o]