Friday, December 07, 2007

New stories: High School Bully 3 by BBMSN, Kingdom Come by dymondbolt and The Office Boy by John D.

New stories:

FISA Confusion and Correction--Joe Klein fesses up while Time Magazine digs itself deeper into the hole they got themselves in.

Facebook caves in to Beacon criticism--Thanks to Slashdot's jnadke for collating a list of sites participating in Beacon: eBay, Fandango, College Humor, Busted Tees, iWon, Citysearch,, echomusic, Travelocity,, Blockbuster,, CBS Sports, Dotspotter, ExpoTV, Gamefly, Hotwire, Joost, Kiva, Kongregate, LiveJournal, Live Nation, Mercantila, The NBA, The New York Times,, (RED), Redlight, Seamless Web, Sony Online Entertainment, Sony Pictures, STA Travel, TheKnot, TripAdvisor, Travel Ticker, Typepad, viagogo, Vox, Yelp,, and Zappos.

Amazon Kindle a fraud?--Apparently the Whispernet network used for wireless downloads isn't available everywhere in the US as people are initially led to believe. Amazon should try better to rectify this misconception by making this info more prominent rather than burying it under all the marketing hoopla.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

New stories by Londonboy

New stories: Londonboy

Time Magazine's Joe Klein spreading FISA falsehoods--Glen Greenwald's masterful takedown of this pundit who has "neither the time nor legal background to figure out who's right". Salon

Sunday schooled

TSA screeners order soldiers accompanying body of their fallen comrade home to strip to their skivvies--Oh, I'm sure they were just doing their job... looking busy.